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Real/full name:
Simone Ghizzinardi
35 (born Nov 14th, 1979)
Place of origin:
Italy (Lodi, Lombardy)


All instruments, Vocals (2007-present)

2008 Eznerapsart led oicsnocbus onamu All instruments, Vocals
2009 Odnadraug ertlo el eznerappa All instruments, Vocals
2010 Li onger onrevni'd All instruments, Vocals
2011 Enoisnemid Avitagen (EP) All instruments, Vocals

Enthroned Darkness

As Nex:
All instruments, Vocals (2011-present)

2011 Eternal Night (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2011 Invoking the Void of Darkness All instruments, Vocals

Funeral Silence

Synth, Programming, Samples


All instruments

2009 Il Coraggio Di Vivere (Demo) All instruments

Mortuus Lunae

As Nex Umbra Domini:
Everything (2009-present)

2009 In spirituale contatto Everything


Vocals, All instruments (2014-present)

Nocturnal Ravenblood

As S. Raven:
All instruments (2012-present)

2012 Requies (Demo) All instruments

Shub Niggurath

As N.U.D:
All instruments, Vocals

2010 Cthulhu Fhtagn, Cthulhu Fhtagn! All instruments, Vocals



2004 Nemo Ante Mortem Beatus Everything
2008 Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum Everything


As Nex:
Everything (2009-?)

2009 Fuck You All and Die!!! (Demo) Everything
2010 Clergy's Depravation (EP) Everything

Nocturnal Frost

All instruments

2007 Across the Nocturnal Sky (Demo) Vocals, Drum programming

Suspiria Profundis

All instruments, Vocals (2006-?)

2009 In War Against Satan All instruments
2012 Divine Knowledge (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2013 Divine Knowledge Vocals, All instruments


2011 Deeps of Insanity (Demo) Logo
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