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Alexander von Wieding

Alexander von Wieding

Real/full name:
Alexander von Wieding
Place of origin:
Germany (Hamburg)


2014 Firestorm Artwork


2010 Abandon Hope (Compilation) Design, Artwork
2012 Blood Sacrifice (Split) Artwork

Black Hole

2013 Beyond the Gravestone (Demo) Artwork, Design, Layout

Black Thai

2010 Black Thai (Demo) Artwork, Logo design
2010 Blood from on High (EP) Logo Design, Artwork
2011 Lowering the Doom (Split) Artwork
2013 Seasons of Might (EP) Artwork, Layout, Logo

Cloven Hoof

2014 Resist or Serve Cover art


2010 Demo 2009 (Demo) Artwork (Logo)
2012 Cortez Artwork, Design (logo)


2007 Forever in Leather Artwork, Design


2013 Hydra Illustration, Design, Artwork

Freedom Hawk

2011 Holding On Artwork, Design


2012 Beyond the Boundaries of Sin Art Direction, Artwork & Design


2011 Your World of Tomorrow Artwork, Design

Jameson Raid

2012 The Beginning of Part II (Compilation) Artwork

Karma to Burn

1999 Wild Wonderful Purgatory Artwork [Except cover on vinyl Re-Issue 2010]
2002 Almost Heathen Design [Vinyl Re-Issue 2010], Artwork [Vinyl Re-Issue 2010]
2009 Karma to Burn / Sons of Alpha Centauri (Split) Artwork, Design
2010 Karma to Burn / ÖfÖ Am (Split) Artwork, Design
2010 Appalachian Incantation Artwork, Design
2011 V Design, Art direction, Illustration
2014 Arch Stanton Artwork


2003 Still Screaming Design [Vinyl Re-Issue 2010], Artwork [Vinyl Re-Issue 2010]


2011 Salvador Artwork

Manilla Road

1982 Metal Cover art (reissue)
1990 The Courts of Chaos Layout (High Roller re-release)
2001 Atlantis Rising Cover art (reissue)
2011 Playground of the Damned Layout, Design
2013 Mysterium Cover art
2013 Out of the Abyss Cover art (reissue)
2013 Crystal Logic Artwork (inside), Design, Layout

Mother of God

2013 Anthropos Logo, Design
2014 Black Ocean (Single) Artwork, Design


1984 The Day of Retribution (EP) Artwork, Layout (2011)


2012 Dead Rock Commandos Cover art, Layout

ÖfÖ Am

2011 The Beast Within Illustration, Logo Design, Artwork


2009 Walk Through Fire Illustration


1990 Shotgun Justice Artwork [Re-Vamp Re-Issue 2009], Design [Re-Issue 2009]
1991 Open Hostility Artwork [Re-Vamp Re-Issue 2009], Design [Re-Issue 2009]

Red Giant

2010 Dysfunctional Majesty Design, Artwork


2013 All Hail the Beeflords Artwork, Design

Sons of Otis

2012 Seismic Artwork


2011 Use Your Weapons Well (Compilation) Artwork

Steel Assassin

1997 From the Vaults (Compilation) Artwork


2011 Mad Oak Redoux Artwork, Design


2011 Rise Art Direction, Design


1998 Disco Destroyer Artwork [Vinyl Re-Issue 2010]

The Badger Bell Band

2012 Faceless Gang (Compilation) Artwork, Layout

The Might Could

2011 The Might Could Design, Artwork

The Scimitar

2014 Doomsayer Logo
2014 Doomsayer Logo

Tokyo Blade

2011 Genghis Khan Killers (Compilation) Layout, Artwork


1995 Plastic Green Head Design [vinyl re-issue 2010]
2007 Simple Mind Condition Design [Re-issue 2010]


2011 1st Attempt Cover art

Wo Fat

2006 The Gathering Dark Artwork [Re-Issue 2011], Design [Re-Issue 2011]
2011 Noche del Chupacabra Design, Artwork
2012 The Black Code Artwork, Design
2013 Abrahma / Wo Fat (Split) Artwork, Design
2014 The Conjuring Artwork, Design, Logo
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