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Zircon / Nephillim > Hymns of the Fallen / Vastlands
Zircon / Nephillim - Hymns of the Fallen / Vastlands
Zircon discography (all)
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The Cryptic Bloodstone
Nephillim discography (misc)
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Nephillim discography (all)
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Hymns of the Fallen / Vastlands

Zircon / Nephillim

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Oak Knoll Productions
None yet
1. Nephillim - The Fallen  
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2. Nephillim - Abbas O' Bellum (God of War)  
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3. Nephillim - Prayer of the Hellspawn  
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4. Nephillim - The Fifth Hour  
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5. Nephillim - Transcendance  
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6. Nephillim - Battle Horns Sound Far Bellow  
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7. Zircon - Exploration of the Mind  
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8. Zircon - Mission of Implicity  
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9. Zircon - Equilibrium  
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10. Zircon - Microdeaths  
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11. Zircon - Entire Person  
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12. Zircon - Vastlands  
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13. Zircon - This Is the Future  
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Eric Drums
Scott Wily Vocals, Guitars
Chris Farmerie Bass, Vocals
Hel Guitars (rhythm)
Woard Bass, Vocals
Azaz'el Drums, Vocals
Vircolac Guitars
Vexous Guitars, Vocals
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Not sure if this ever came out regulary, maybe there are some handmade promo copies.
Read what was written in Oak Knoll Productionsยด "Release News" section:
2008.05.01-2008.08.28: Zircon/Nephillim split - once we finalized the artwork it's off to the pressing plant! the master is already there
2008.10.09-2009.04.06: Zircon - We are changing the split into a full length cd - stay tuned

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