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Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh vs Vhelvet : The Gasmask Serie n°1

Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh

Release date:
August 19th, 2006
Catalog ID:
Underground Pollution Records
None yet
1. Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Black Noise Attack 05:30  
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2. Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Anti Music 04:12  
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3. Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Anti Business 05:28  
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4. Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Anti Human 04:56  
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5. Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - I Hate You 04:37  
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6. Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Human Whore 04:36  
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7. Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Maximum Fuck Face 02:50  
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8. Vhelvet - Short Hot Winter Night 04:02  
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9. Vhelvet - I Heard Him Call My Name  
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Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh
Luc Mertz All instruments, Vocals
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Released as a split-tape with french harsh-noise band : VHELVET. Limited to 50 handnumbered copies.

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