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Intense Desire

Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh

Boxed set
Release date:
October 3rd, 2012
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
4*Pro Cd-R(1 Case) + 3 Tape, 6*Pro Cd-R(1 Case)
Fallen-Angels Productions
None yet
1. Untitled(2000)/Pure Evil Black Metal(2000)....  
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2. Day of The Nightmare(2003)/Doomsday(2003)  
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3. Duke (2004)/Apocalypse (2004)  
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4. Abomination(2009)/Fuck off(2011)  
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5. Mind Control Part.I(2005)/Mind Control Part.II(2005)  
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6. Mind Control Part.III(2005)/Mind Control Part.IV(2005)  
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7. Black World (2011)/Mind Control New Era(2011)  
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Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh - Intense Desire
October 3, 2012. Box-Set,
A-Type : 4*Pro CD-R(1 Case) + 3 Tape + Paper-Box, Ltd.16
B-Type : 6*Pro CD-R(1 Case) + 3Card, Ltd.9
*1CD - Untitled(2000)/Pure Evil Black Metal(2000)
Tribute To The Black Sheep (2001)
*2CD - Day of The Nightmare(2003) / Doomsday(2003)
*3CD - Duke (2004) / Apocalypse (2004)
*4CD - Abomination(2009) / Fuck off(2011)
*5CD/Tape.1 - Mind Control Part.I(2005)
Mind Control Part.II(2005)
*6CD/Tape.2 - Mind Control Part.III(2005)
Mind Control Part.IV(2005)
*Tape.3 - Black World (2011) / Mind Control New Era(2011)

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