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Demo 1994

Yog Sothoth

Release date:
None yet
1. Yog Sothoth  
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2. Varf - Shub - Niggurath  
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3. Chtulhu  
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4. Abyssus - Draconisus  
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5. Ancient gods  
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6. Nyarlathotep  
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7. Khephnes Onguent  
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8. Abdul Al-Hazred  
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9. Sothoth Globus  
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Luc Mertz All instruments, Vocals
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Formerly released in 1994.
Re-released in 2008 by Luc Mertz, limited to 25 copies.
Re-released August 13th, 2011 on CD-r in DVD box, limited to 22 copies.
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