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O Trono de Breogán


Release date:
October 2002
Catalog ID:
Taran Production
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1. Do Lume Céltico   Show lyrics
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2. O Trono de Breogán   Show lyrics
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3. A mística balada de Amairxén  
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4. Under a Funeral Moon [Darkthrone cover]   Show lyrics
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Nocturno All Instruments, Vocals
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Demo cd-r limited to 100 handnumbered copies.
A mística balada de Amairxén is a special bonus track for this release.

Later reissued by Nigra Mors handlimited to 36 tapes. Consists out of two sides, side 'O Trono de Breogán' which ommits the bonus track from the cd-r version and side 'Ensaio' which features the whole 'Ensaio' rehearsal as a bonus, and different artwork.

1. Do Lume Céltico
2. O Trono de Breogán
3. Under a Funeral Moon [Darkthrone cover]
4. No funeral dos antergos**
5. A noite das meigas**
6. Dethroned emperor** [Celtic Frost cover]
7. Morte na iauga**

** Ensaio rehearsal bonus tracks

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