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To Violate the Oblivious


Release date:
July 2004
Catalog ID:
THR 059
Total Holocaust Records
6 reviews (avg. 75%)
1. Intro 02:06   instrumental
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2. Xastur Within 06:14   Show lyrics
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3. Dreams Blacker Than Death 05:24   Show lyrics
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4. Screaming at Forgotten Fears 08:24   Show lyrics
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5. Consumed by a Dark Paranoia 03:40   instrumental
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6. Marked by Shadows 06:43   Show lyrics
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7. Apparitional Void of Failure 04:37   instrumental
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8. A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors 12:06   Show lyrics
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9. Walker of Dissonant Worlds 05:40   instrumental
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Band members
Malefic All instruments, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
H. Jonsson Layout, Photography
Malefic All instruments, Vocals
H. Jonsson Layout, Photography
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