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Xasthur > Portal of Sorrow
Xasthur - Portal of Sorrow
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Portal of Sorrow


Release date:
March 26th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Disharmonic Variations
1500 copies
7 reviews (avg. 54%)
1. Portal of Sorrow 04:09  
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2. Broken Glass Christening 03:51   Show lyrics
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3. Shrine of Failure 04:28  
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4. Stream of Subconsciousness 07:51  
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5. Karma/Death 04:20  
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6. Horizon of Plastic Caskets 03:50   Show lyrics
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7. Mesmerized by Misery 02:53  
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8. This Abyss Holds the Mirror 07:31  
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9. Mourning Tomorrow 02:08  
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10. Miscarriage of the Soul 03:27   Show lyrics
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11. Obeyer's of Their Own Deaths 02:31   Show lyrics
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12. Released from This Earth 04:28  
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13. The Darkest Light 04:37   Show lyrics
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14. Hiver de Glace 01:56  
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Band members
Malefic All instruments, Vocals
Marissa Nadler Vocals (female)
Pete Traux Guitars (lead)
Miscellaneous staff
Ronald "Armand" Andruchuk Artwork
Malefic All instruments, Vocals
Marissa Nadler Vocals (female)
Pete Traux Guitars (lead)
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- A hand numbered 7" boxset version, limited to 500, released by Green Hell Records containing both Portal of Sorrow and the Xasthur part of the split with Orosius.

Recording information:

Artwork [Album Artwork / Layout] – Ronald "Armand" Andruchuk*
Artwork [Dripping Logo Effect] – Aaron Turner
Artwork [Original Xasthur Logo] – BloodMoon*
Guitar [2 Solos] – Pete Truax
Instruments [All], Vocals – Scott*
Music By, Lyrics By – Scott*
Vocals [Choir, Vocal Flashbacks, Vocal Instrumentation] – Marissa Nadler

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