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The Ghost Album


Release date:
January 30th, 2006
Catalog ID:
NOV 011
1 review (avg. 73%)
1. My Ghosts 07:23   Show lyrics
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2. Daughter of the Forest 05:59   Show lyrics
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3. They 07:18   Show lyrics
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4. Daylight Dies 05:26   Show lyrics
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5. Dark Water 12:06   Show lyrics
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Narqath Vocals, All Instruments
JL Nokturnal Drums
Read Wyrd - The Ghost Album 73% Avestriel February 20th, 2008

Lyrics are based on works of Edith Södegran

Re-released on tape in 2007 by Winterreich Records with the bonus track:
6. Unreleased Reh. Track 2006

Re-released in 2009 by Kreation Records on CD and vinyl.
CD version has a live version of "Ashes of Man and Oak and Pine" as a bonus track.
Vinyl version has "The Scapegoat (Tiamat Cover)" as a bonus track.

Vinyl pressing info:
Brown/Black - 100 copies
Black - 400 copies
Picture Disc - 200 copies

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