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Wolok > Servum Pecus
Wolok - Servum Pecus
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Servum Pecus


Release date:
May 25th, 2006
Catalog ID:
EAR 010
Eerie Art Records
541 copies
1 review (avg. 72%)
1. Mesmerize (Absurd Introduction) 00:36  
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2. Memento Finis 06:30   Show lyrics
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3. Apex of Mockery 05:36   Show lyrics
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4. Phallus Absconditus 07:37   Show lyrics
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5. Mankind Euthanasia 12:40   Show lyrics
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6. Wormz 07:43   Show lyrics
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7. Voice of God (Futile Conclusion) 02:28  
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Cypher Drums, Arrangements
Lhükkmer'thz Vocals
Eymeric Germain Guitars, Drums, Effects, Keyboards
Read Like a soundtrack to an art... 72% NausikaDalazBlindaz February 5th, 2007

LP version released by Insidious Poisoning Records in January 2007.
Released on tape by Shadow Dance Records, limited to 108 copies.

The artwork for this album is a drawing by (#invalid artist link ID#).

Smell the Stench released a raw version of the Servum Pecus album (Servum Pecus (Demo Version 2005)), but the band sees this as a bootleg and it was done without the permission of the entire band. Artwork for the demo version is different.

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