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Conquer Divine

Wolfen Society

Release date:
November 1st, 2001
Catalog ID:
House of Death
1 review (avg. 24%)
1. Conquer Divine 05:52   Show lyrics
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2. Blood Oath 05:25   Show lyrics
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3. Life Is War 05:05   Show lyrics
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4. Race War (Carnivore cover) 05:59   Show lyrics
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Vincent Crowley Vocals, Bass, Lyrics
Kyle Severn Drums
Thomas Thorn Keyboards
Lord Ahriman Guitars (rhythm)
Ricktor Ravensbrück Guitars (lead)
Read Hard to believe who all is... 24% VibrationsOfDoom September 11th, 2004


In regard to questions concerning the philosophical motivations behind and surrounding the WOLFEN SOCIETY project, the band has stated none of them involved has ANY connections to any political groups and/or ideologies. The Carnivore cover song "Race War" was included because of its misanthropic content and its lyrics concerning mankind's innate urge to destroy itself. Neither the song, nor its title are a call to arms or an advocation of racial pogrom. On the contrary, the song deftly illustrates the ridiculousness and futility of such a mindset. As the lyric states: "EVERYBODY's going to die". There is no victory implied and all races are treated with equal derision. (see

Re-released by No Fashion Records as NFR 057.

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