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Winter Madness


Release date:
July 18th, 2004
3 reviews (avg. 90%)
1. Winter Madness 06:00   Show lyrics
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2. Beyond the Dark Sun 02:43   Show lyrics
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3. Death and the Healing 06:46   Show lyrics
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Jari Mäenpää Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drum programming
Read Winter Madness 96% Frozen Hearth October 24th, 2012
Read A method in the (winter)... 93% Metal_Grail July 22nd, 2010
Read Winter Madness Demo 80% Oskoreien May 6th, 2006
The entire 'Winter Madness' demo was added as a bonus on the Japanese version of the 'Wintersun' album.

The songs on this demo are rough versions/demos and all would be re-recorded soon after these recordings were made to be used on Wintersun's self-titled album.

The tracks were written in:
1. Winter Madness - 2002
2. Beyond the Dark Sun - 1998
3. Death and the Healing - 1996
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