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Winters Bane > Season of Brutality
Winters Bane discography (demos)
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Demo 2003
Winters Bane discography (all)
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Season of Brutality

Winters Bane

Release date:
None yet
1. Deadman Walking  
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2. Trioxynon  
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3. Mask of the Villain  
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4. Season of Brutality  
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5. Bonehead  
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6. Spells Death (version 1)  
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7. Silence  
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8. All the Pain  
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9. Hate Spilled Over  
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10. Brink of Destruction  
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Also known as LSP's Season of Brutality demo.

Recorded as a full-length album but never released. Now titled as a Kill Procedure release as Lou St. Paul now considers the Winter's Bane recordings with himself as vocalist a separate entity.
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