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Winterblut > Grund: Gelenkkunst
Winterblut - Grund: Gelenkkunst
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Grund: Gelenkkunst


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Noble Wolves
3 reviews (avg. 75%)
1. Die Krücken, das Irrlicht 05:27   Show lyrics
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2. Treffen: Beklemmend 04:01   Show lyrics
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3. Wenn ein Tropfen fällt 05:24   Show lyrics
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4. Und Sorgen zu ertragen 03:17   Show lyrics
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5. Vom endlosen Schrei 05:18   Show lyrics
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6. Am 32. September 03:52   Show lyrics
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7. Qualenduster 05:03   Show lyrics
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8. Grund: Abgrund 05:29   Show lyrics
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9. 9 nahm er mit 06:31   Show lyrics
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10. Der lange Weg und der kurze Traum 06:31   Show lyrics
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"Recorded and mixed in Studio Zum Guten Tom, Spring 2002; mastered at Blue House Studio, Spring 2002."

Re-released and reissued in 2012 by Red Stream Inc. with alternate album art and a second bonus CD of all original songs re-recorded.

All re-recorded songs ecorded and mixed in Studio Zum Guten Tom, Summer 2011.

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