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Watain > The Vinyl Reissues
Watain - The Vinyl Reissues
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All That May Bleed

The Vinyl Reissues


Boxed set
Release date:
November 16th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Season of Mist
1000 copies
None yet
1. Rabid Death's Curse 38:27  
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2. Casus Luciferi 50:33  
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3. Sworn to the Dark 57:43  
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4. Lawless Darkness 01:13:28  
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Re-releasing of complete full-length back catalogue on vinyl, separately and collected in a stunning strictly limited collector's box made of solid beech wood with real leather Watain logo imprint on lid, including all four albums on vinyl with dropcard and 4 hand-crafted silkscreen prints that assemble together as a poster. Contrary to the separately released vinyl editions, these vinyls come in different colours (unique coloured vinyl versions, which are produced exclusively for this edition): "Rabid Death's Curse" – solid grey with black and white splatters, "Casus Luciferi" – solid grey, "Sworn to the Dark" – transparent red, "Lawless Darkness" – transparent clear; and are packed in printed inner sleeves and gatefolds with silver hot foil printing. Limited to 1000 units worldwide. Carefully re-mastered sound keeping the original spirit. "Rabid Death's Curse", "Casus Luciferi" and "Lawless Darkness" come with bonus tracks:

"Rabid Death's Curse":
D2. The Essence of Black Purity

"Casus Luciferi":
D3. Watain (Von cover)

"Lawless Darkness":
D2. Chains of Death (Death SS cover)

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