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Nocturnal Isolation


Release date:
August 2002
Catalog ID:
Dark Whispers
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1. Approaching the Altars of the Haborym 01:05  
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2. Goat Blood Ritual 03:40  
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3. Satanic Beast of Fury 06:59  
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4. Rise of the Soulripper 03:17  
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5. 13 Candles (Bathory cover) 04:13   Show lyrics
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6. Blackened Chasms of Mephistopheles 05:00  
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7. Nuclear Autumn (Dawn of the Armageddon) 03:27  
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8. Burning Hellfire 04:02  
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9. Witches and Demons 06:10  
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10. Black Altar 06:00  
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11. In the Arms of Death (The Armageddon) 12:00  
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Reissued on CDR by Unsung Heroes Productions. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. "13 Candles (Bathory cover)" was removed and bonus tracks were included:

01. Approaching the Altars of the Haborym / Goat Blood Ritual
02. Satanic Beast of Fury
03. Rise of the Soulripper
04. Blackened Chasms of Mephistopheles
05. Nuclear Autumn
06. Burning Hellfire
07. Witching and Demons
08. Black Altar
09. In the Arms of Death
10. Catalyst of Devastation and Cryptic Ruin
11. Hellbeast Supremacy
12. Vrolok

Tracks 10-12 taken from the "Portae Antiquuae ad Nihil Promo 2003" disc.

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