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Vorphalack > Lullabies of a Vampire
Vorphalack - Lullabies of a Vampire
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Lullabies of a Vampire


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1. Prophetic Vision of a Cursed Domain 01:33  
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2. In Search for Glory 06:01  
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3. Glorius Return 01:55  
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4. Miserable Brother 05:45  
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5. Land of Lore 05:50  
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6. Lullabies of a Vampire 04:47  
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7. Life Draining of an Unspeakable Act 05:48  
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8. Outro 02:34  
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9. Hall of Death 04:42  
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10. Obssessed 04:47  
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Lord Alatoth Vocals
Alexandros Stavrakas Bass
Than Guitars, Keyboards
Lady Lilith (R.I.P. 2014) Bass
Count Haridou Guitars, Keyboards
Emperor Palmist Drums
Fotis Hondroudakis Drums
Read Ghoulish grandeurs from... 48% autothrall July 31st, 2011

Recorded during January-October 1995 for purpose to be released as a concept cd. Due to unknown reasons this release haven't seen the light until 2001. Tracks 1, 2, 5 and 7 were featured in the SOLD-OUT split Lp with ZEPHYROUS (out on a limited 300 copies from Melancholy Promotion). Track 6 was featured in WARZONE 2 (Metal Invader compilation cd).
Bonus tracks 9 & 10 are taken from the 7"EP "Under the Sight of Dragon" originally released from Molon Lave Recs in 1993.

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