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Von - Satanic Blood Angel
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Satanic Blood
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Satanic Blood Angel


Release date:
February 8th, 2003
Catalog ID:
Nuclear War Now! Productions
2 12" vinyls (33⅓ RPM)
6 reviews (avg. 69%)
Disc 1
Side A
1. Devil Pig 02:23   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
2. Veinen 02:26   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Watain 02:49   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Lamb 01:41   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
5. Veadtuck 03:17   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
6. Satanic Blood 02:05   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
7. Christ Fire 02:56   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
Side B
8. VON 02:25   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
9. Evisc 01:56   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
10. Release 01:18   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
11. Blood Angel 01:27   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
12. Chalice of Blood 04:06   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
13. Vennt 02:16   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
14. Backskin 03:21  
  (loading lyrics...)
Disc 2
Side A
1. Veinen (live) 02:27   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
2. Watain (live) 03:02   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Lamb (live) 01:34   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Evisc (live) 01:59  
  (loading lyrics...)
5. Release (live) 01:20  
  (loading lyrics...)
6. Satanic Blood (live) 02:18   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
Side B
7. Veadtuck (live) 03:11   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
8. Chalice of Blood (live) 04:12   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
9. Goat Christ (live) 01:42  
  (loading lyrics...)
10. Vennt (live) 02:11  
  (loading lyrics...)
11. Dissection Inhuman (live) 02:27  
  (loading lyrics...)
12. VON (live) 02:58   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
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The authenticity of this release is disputed by some, as it was authorized by Joe "Kill" Allen rather than the founding members.

On LP 1, tracks 1-8 are taken from the "Satanic Blood" demo and tracks 9-14 are taken from the unreleased "Blood Angel" demo. LP 2 is a live performance the band played in San Francisco, CA in 1991.

The release has since been reissued by Nuclear War Now! Productions a numerous amount of times:

Nuclear War Now! released a DDHLP version in 2003, limited to 200 copies. 100 copies came with one red vinyl and one blue vinyl and includes a booklet, poster, sticker, and a huge patch.

Another LP version was released in 2003 by Nuclear War Now! Productions (the amount of copies made is unknown). This one came with an eight-page booklet interview, scans of old flyers, lyrics and a poster.

A DLP version was released in 2003 by Nuclear War Now! Productions and was limited to 1000 copies.

A CD version was released in 2003 by Nuclear War Now! Productions and From Beyond Productions. The amount of copies made by both is unknown.

It was re-released once more in 2009 as a DLP, pic LP and CD by Nuclear War Now! Productions with different cover artwork. The die hard picture disc repress (limited to 100 copies) contains a triple reverseboard printed gatefold jacket, an A2 poster, a 20 page 12"x12" booklet printed on uncoated paper, a 4"x6" vinyl sticker and a pack patch.

The blue and red vinyl repress is limited to 100 copies, and the silver vinyl repress is limited to 100 copies (only wholesale [5 colored + 5 black vinyl]).


Matrix / Runout (Side A): L-12861m -A ANTI-GOTH-011 A (U)
Matrix / Runout (Side B): L-12861m -B ANTI-GOTH-011 B (U)
Matrix / Runout (Side C): L-12862m -C RE ANTI-GOTH-011 C (U)
Matrix / Runout (Side D): L-12862m -D RE ANTI-GOTH-011 D (U)

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