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Live? / Not a Happy Meal...

Vomit Spawn / Magrudergrind

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Militant Records
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1. Vomit Spawn - Cumdumpster  
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2. Vomit Spawn - V.S.E.D. (Vegetarian Straight-Edge Dick)  
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3. Vomit Spawn - Vomitorium  
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4. Vomit Spawn - Bar-B-Queer  
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5. Vomit Spawn - Inactivist  
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6. Vomit Spawn - Asshole  
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7. Magrudergrind - Not a Happy Meal for a 13 Year Old Girl Who Found Razor Blades in Her French Fries  
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8. Magrudergrind - Trophy Case Full of Decapitated Human Corpses Won at Last Year's YMCA Youth Dismemberment / Suicide Day Event  
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9. Magrudergrind - TPDG  
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10. Magrudergrind - Reversal AM Funeral  
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11. Magrudergrind - Pieces of Glass Stuck in Your Severed Knuckles  
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Vomit Spawn
Josh Drums
Mark Guitars
Ern Vocals
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