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Viper > Tem pra todo Mundo
Viper - Tem pra todo Mundo
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Tem pra todo Mundo


Release date:
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Castle Brasil
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1. Dinheiro 02:56   Show lyrics
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2. Crime na Cidade 02:51   Show lyrics
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3. 8 de Abril 04:09   Show lyrics
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4. Sábado 03:00   Show lyrics
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5. Not Ready to Get Up 03:44   Show lyrics
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6. Quinze Anos 03:57   Show lyrics
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7. Na Cara do Gol 02:32   Show lyrics
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8. The One You Need 03:37   Show lyrics
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9. Lucinha Bordon 02:31   Show lyrics
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10. Alvo 03:11   Show lyrics
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11. Um Dia 03:34   Show lyrics
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12. Mais do Mesmo (Legião Urbana cover) 02:46   Show lyrics
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13. (untitled) 07:50  
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Pit Passarell Vocals, Bass
Renato Graccia Drums, Vocals (backing)
Felipe Machado Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals (backing)
Yves Passarell Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals (backing)
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This is a pop/rock album. It is also the first Viper release where they sing in their native Portuguese.

Castle went bankrupt around the time of the album release, causing severe problems for its distribution, and leading to legal battles and, eventually, the dissolution of the band.

Guest musicians:
Dado Villa-Lobos - vocals
Marcus Ribeiro de Oliveira - cello
Flavio Ferreira de Melo - trumpet
Raul Mascarenhas - sax
Vittor Santos - trombone, strings
Thiago Cerveira - harmonica
Nando Machado - vocals
Tarta - vocals
Tuca - cuica
Ivo Meirelles - snare drums, repiques, surdos, tamborim
Marrom - snare drums, repiques, surdos, tamborim
Wesley - snare drums, repiques, surdos, tamborim
Mumu - snare drums, repiques, surdos, tamborim
Ricardo Amado da Silva - violin
Mariana Isdebski - violin
Jairo Diniz Silva - viola
Alvin L. - vocals

The thank list is not available in the booklet. Instead, it comes as an untitled track at the end of the CD, with the band members themselves speaking who they are grateful to (and also making jokes).

Recording information:

Recorded at AR Studios, Rio de Janeiro, September 1996. Produced by Mayrton Bahia.

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