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Release date:
March 17th, 2003
Catalog ID:
KCD 026
Ketzer Records
1000 copies
7 reviews (avg. 81%)
1. Schneesturm / Einbruch der weißen Dunkelheit 07:42   Show lyrics
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2. Winterschatten 07:01   Show lyrics
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3. Eisige Feuer 08:00  
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4. ...endlos und karg... 07:35  
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5. Verschneite Wälder 07:21   Show lyrics
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6. Das ewige Eis 07:06  
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Band members
Christoph "Vinterriket" Ziegler Everything
Miscellaneous staff
Alexandru M. Photography
Alexandru M. Photography
Read Lots of filler 1980s... 60% NausikaDalazBlindaz May 1st, 2012
Read Spacious 90% hailmarduk666 April 10th, 2008
Read Improved but far from perfect 59% Pestbesmittad December 26th, 2006
Read Starts off great but... 68% Skullhammer July 12th, 2006
Read Behold! Ambient Masterpiece! 100% Shadow0fDeath September 11th, 2004
Read Its gonna be a long cold... 88% Danthrax_Nasty August 27th, 2004
Read Desolate Landscapes 100% _D_ April 28th, 2004

Co-released by Ketzer Records and Desolate Landscapes.
1000 copies + 500 promotional copies. The first 100 came with an A3 poster.

Vinyl versions:
3 7" EP set, Ketzer Records, 2003 (500 handnumbered copies), each EP being a different colour of vinyl, (black, white, black/white marbled). Each vinyl coming with it's own inlay
Bloodhead Productions/Opressor Productions, April 2003 (550 copies)

Tape versions:
Stygian Shadows Productions, May 2003 (150 copies)
Oskorei Music, June 2003 (500 copies) with different artwork *
Lupii Daciei Records, June 2004 (500 handnumbered copies) with different artwork *
Darkmare Productions, December 2004 (500 copies) with sticker.
Flood the Earth Records, January 2005 (1000 copies) with different artwork *
Winterreich Productions in January 2006 (500 copies)
Frostscald Records with different artwork.

Editions marked with * contain a bonus track: Der Tod Woutans (Burzum cover)

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