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Slovanská Krev


Release date:
April 19th, 2009
Catalog ID:
ESCD 056
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1. Cesta 01:47   Show lyrics
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2. Slovanská Sila 03:02   Show lyrics
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3. Ohnjem a Mečem 03:05   Show lyrics
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4. Slub 01:28   Show lyrics
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5. Brány Vogastyzburka 03:26   Show lyrics
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6. Bitva Ctje 02:50   Show lyrics
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7. Navija 03:56   Show lyrics
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8. Moravská zem 05:51   Show lyrics
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9. Ej, Górale... 01:39   Show lyrics
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Von Borowitz Drums, Tamburine
Elrabor Vocals, Guitars, Balalaika, Chorales, Guitars (acoustic)
Torgoth Bass, Vocals, Chorales
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This is totally re-arranged and re-recorded version of Adultery mCD "Slovanska Krev", with new versions of old songs and new ones. All lyrics now are in Moravian language instead of Czech.

English titles translation :
1) The Path
2) Slavonic Power
3) With Fire and Sword
4) The Promise
5) Gates of Vogastisburg
6) The Battle of Honour
7) Navia
8) The Moravian Land
9) Hey, Highlanders...

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