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Vehemence > The Thoughts from Which I Hide
Vehemence - The Thoughts from Which I Hide
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The Thoughts from Which I Hide


Release date:
August 1st, 2000
2 reviews (avg. 58%)
1. I Take Your Life 03:07   Show lyrics
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2. Saying Goodbye 06:50   Show lyrics
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3. Whore Cunt Die 04:10   Show lyrics
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4. What You've Become 03:40   Show lyrics
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5. No One Wins 06:21   Show lyrics
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6. Nameless Faces, Scattered Remnants 05:47   Show lyrics
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7. Devour the Rotten Flesh 05:27   Show lyrics
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8. Reconditioning the Flock 11:26   Show lyrics
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Read The talent from which I hide 55% autothrall November 30th, 2010
Read The ideas had yet to fully... 60% Pathological_Frolic April 2nd, 2008
1000 copies printed.
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