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Death Magick


Release date:
Death Factory
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1. Oceans Turn Bloodred (Rise Nidhögg) 06:57  
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2. Ankon, Bearer of the Skythe 06:52  
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3. Bubonic Death 02:11  
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4. Ritual Trance 04:23  
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5. Plague, Blood and Astral Energies 06:20  
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6. Chemical Disease 00:35  
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7. Death Magick 05:01  
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8. Spells of Darkness and Death 05:51  
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9. The Beast within Man 06:00  
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10. The Sphere of Mars (Rite of Baphomet) 03:48  
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Baron Drakkheim Abaddon All instruments, Vocals
Drakat Vocals (female)
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Enhanced by Roger Karmanik and Jouni Havukainen at the Re-Enter Salvation.

Death Factory is a sub-label of Cold Meat Industry.
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