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Towards the Great Unknown


Release date:
None yet
1. Ash Nazg 21:08  
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2. Out of Dark 01:14  
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3. Earendil 06:35  
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4. Tale of the King under the Mountain 07:38  
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Band members
Dragongod Narqath Vocals, All Instruments
Sandra Vocals (female)
Dragongod Narqath Vocals, All Instruments
Sandra Vocals (female)
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Entirely ambient/darkwave album.

Contains re-recorded songs from the "Prologue: At the Gates of Mordor" split and the "Wings of Darkness" demo.

Recorded in Stålhammar studios 1998

Track "Ash Nazg" is split into 7 parts:
- Pt. I Hobbiton
- Pt. II Barrow-Downs
- Pt. III The Mines of Moria
- Pt. IV At the Gates of Mordor
- Pt. V Orc-March
- Pt. VI The Melting of the Ring
- Pt. VII Towards the Great Unknown

Track "Tale of the King under the Mountain" is split into 2 parts:
- Pt. I Where Dark Things Sleep
- Pt. II Fallen Foes

In a 2002 interview with Janne Valtonen, Narqath mentions this release as a demo. Therefore, it should be considered as such and NOT as a full-lenght album
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