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1. Vespers Gold 07:32   Show lyrics
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2. Constellation and Mysticism 05:38   Show lyrics
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3. Metamorphosis 02:45   Show lyrics
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4. Shades of a Forbidden Passion 06:46   Show lyrics
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5. Palace of Dancing Souls 02:55   instrumental
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6. The Fall of Arthrone 07:29   Show lyrics
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7. Ethereal Dimensions 07:47   Show lyrics
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8. The Flames of Knowledge Forever Lost 07:16   Show lyrics
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9. In Velvet Coffins We Sleep 08:55   Show lyrics
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10. The Revival 08:31   Show lyrics
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Syriak Guitars, Vocals
Zircon Bass
Exod Drums
Merzenya Keyboards
Le Bateleur Violin
Artagoth Guitars, Vocals
Elda Vocals
Read uneXpect - Utopia 70% ConorFynes December 9th, 2011
Read This is easily Unexpect's... 98% Dudemanguy July 2nd, 2010
Read Boring and confused 60% Empyreal December 22nd, 2007
This album was limited to a thousand copies when it was self-released, so this version is very rare.
The band now re-released a remastered version.
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