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Splenium for Nyktophobia


Release date:
Catalog ID:
USR 008
Unisound Records
5 reviews (avg. 86%)
1. Elohim 04:11   Show lyrics
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2. Tales from the Tomb 02:50   Show lyrics
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3. Brain Access 03:13   Show lyrics
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4. Timeless 03:35   instrumental
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5. Screaming in Phobia 03:33   Show lyrics
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6. Enkelbiljetten (G-ANX cover) 01:12   Show lyrics
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7. Indication Vitalis 03:36   Show lyrics
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8. Soul Incest 03:49   Show lyrics
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9. Spräng skiten 02:04   Show lyrics
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10. Towards the Endless Throne 03:02   Show lyrics
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11. Lepra 01:39   instrumental
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12. The Final Conflict (The Pornoflute Pt. II) 03:09   Show lyrics
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13. Splenium for Nyktophobia 02:22   instrumental
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Band members
Christoffer Harborg Bass
Kennet Englund Drums
Mats Forsell Guitars
Fredrik "North" Norrman Guitars
Jens Törnroos Vocals
Dan Swanö Guitars (lead) (third lead on "Timeless")
Miscellaneous staff
Dan Swanö Engineering
Xi Chen Artwork
Dan Swanö Guitars (lead) (third lead on "Timeless")
Dan Swanö Engineering
Xi Chen Artwork
Read Reet Canny. 87% Acrobat February 9th, 2014
Read Not really an "essential"... 68% true_death January 20th, 2014
Read Melodic Swedeath 85% __Ziltoid__ March 30th, 2011
Read Above expectations 98% shantanupatni1991 February 6th, 2009
Read Little known Swedish gem... 90% orodoven April 1st, 2005

"Splenium for Nyktophobia" was pressed three times in limited quantities.
- Differences exist in the banner, title, & disc colors.

Later it was re-released by Unisound with a white disc and an email contact address on the back-inserts. Some ebay-sellers tend to sell that version as original/first press!

The Unisound cd has a lot of spelling errors in the tracklist.

Recording information:

Recorded at Unisound Recording in October 25/28, 1993.

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