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Ultratumba > Culto a la obscuridad
Ultratumba - Culto a la obscuridad
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Culto a la obscuridad


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1. Children of the Grave 04:33   Show lyrics
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2. Paranoid 02:32   Show lyrics
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3. War Pigs 07:05   Show lyrics
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4. Iron Man 05:47   Show lyrics
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5. Black Sabbath 05:47   Show lyrics
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6. N.I.B. 04:56   Show lyrics
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7. Rat Salad 03:27  
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8. Under the Sun 05:31   Show lyrics
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9. Into the Void 05:34   Show lyrics
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10. National Acrobat 05:32   Show lyrics
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11. Electric Funeral 05:09   Show lyrics
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12. Supernaut 04:12   Show lyrics
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13. Fairies Wear Boots 06:02   Show lyrics
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14. Laguna Sunrise 02:35  
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Recorded in Elith Studios between June and July 2001.

With the purpose of making a time for writting new material, Ultratumba decides to make a tribute to their favorite band: Black Sabbath.
The new member playing on this disc is the drummer.

Cover versions are almost the same than the original version. The band think that this idea is to respect the original version.

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