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Puppet of Destruction


Release date:
March 1998
Catalog ID:
Rowe Productions
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1. Never 04:03   Show lyrics
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2. Mortal Stomp 05:32   Show lyrics
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3. Scorn 04:45   Show lyrics
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4. Puppet of Destruction 04:19   Show lyrics
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5. Gutterbox 05:02   Show lyrics
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6. Repentance 04:02   Show lyrics
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7. World of Sin 04:57   Show lyrics
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8. Crosshope 04:35   Show lyrics
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9. Conform to Reality 03:26   Show lyrics
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10. Charged / Power 04:53   Show lyrics
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Band members
Scott Waters Vocals
Robert Gutierrez Guitars
Steve Trujillo Guitars
Sean Griego Drums
Tom Michaels Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Donn Halliburton Keyboards
Donn Halliburton Keyboards
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Remastered and re-released in 2009 through Roxx Productions.
bonus tracks:
11. Never (Demo) (04:01)
10. Sins of Omission (Testament cover) (04:41)
11. Mortal Stomp (2008) (05:32)

The first 100 copies contained a copy of Fatal Delay (also remastered) as a bonus disc.
Limited to 1000 copies.

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