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Hand That Feeds


Release date:
Toxic Records
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1. Nosebleed  
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2. Hurt Myself  
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3. Scars From a Broken Life  
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4. From My Past  
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5. My Nerve Root  
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6. A New Type of Baggage  
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7. Perfect Human  
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8. I Refuse  
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9. Dry  
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10. Through Society  
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11. Rechazo  
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Roberto Soto Vocals (backing), Bass
Alejandro "Zorro" Espinosa Vocals, Guitars
Rodrigo Albornoz Guitars
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Released by Toxic Records/Virus Music and Freenoise Records.

A video was made for 'Rechazo'. 'From My Past' and 'Through Society' were also featured on an American compilation released by Steve Hayes Records.
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