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Rough Justice


Release date:
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Metal Masters
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
2 reviews (avg. 89%)
Side A
1. Blind Men and Fools 04:16   Show lyrics
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2. Money for Love 03:16   Show lyrics
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3. Women on the Frontline 04:19  
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4. Cold Bitch 03:02   Show lyrics
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5. Ballad of Edward Case 03:43   Show lyrics
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6. Rude Awakening 04:56  
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Side B
7. The Watcher 04:35   Show lyrics
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8. Far Cry 03:23  
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9. Sadman 04:22  
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10. Forever Gone 02:55  
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11. Don't Play Their Way 03:23  
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12. Far Side of Destiny 04:43  
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Read Rough Justice 87% blackwitchery May 16th, 2011
Read Good Old Classical NWOBHM 90% Moonglum_Of_Elwher July 4th, 2007

Tytan had already split up by the time Rough Justice was released.

In 2004 Majestic Rock Records reissued the album on CD with four bonus tracks from a BBC Friday Rock Show session, as well as a DVD of a concert from 1982. The BBC session bonus tracks are:
13. Cold Bitch
14. The Watcher
15. Far Side of Destiny
16. Blind Men and Fools

Live in London DVD tracklist:
1. Intro
2. Cold Bitch
3. Ride Out the Storm
4. The Watcher
5. Rude Awakening
6. Blind Men and Fools
7. Sadman
8. Forever Gone
9. Far Side of Destiny
10. One Way Love
11. Ballad of Edward Case
12. Don't Play Their Way
13. Money for Love
14. Cold Bitch #2

It seems that the rereleases are bootlegs not authorized by the band.

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