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Toxic Holocaust / Oprichniki

Toxic Holocaust

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7'' clear blue vinyl
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Side A
1. Toxic Holocaust - Follow and Believe 03:56  
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2. Toxic Holocaust - World at End 03:16  
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Side B
3. Oprichniki - Time to Go 02:17  
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4. Oprichniki - Unimportant Things 03:43  
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Toxic Holocaust
Joel Grind Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
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Self-released by both bands on 7" clear blue vinyl.

The first version (top picture) was labelled incorrectly, which means on the Toxic Holocaust side was the Oprichniki music and vice versa, but still both bands wanted to release this record.

The second version (bottom picture) is labelled correctly.

Also self-released by both bands on tape without cover:
01. Toxic Holocaust - Follow and Believe
02. Toxic Holocaust - World at End
03. Toxic Holocaust - Nuclear Attack
04. Toxic Holocaust - At the End of My Rope
05. Toxic Holocaust - Creation
06. Toxic Holocaust - Blessed or Cursed?
07. Toxic Holocaust - New Dawn Fades (Joy Division cover)
08. Oprichniki - Time to Go
09. Oprichniki - Unimportant Things
10. Oprichniki - Idiot's Plea (Live)
11. Oprichniki - Falling Down (Live)
12. Oprichniki - Imprint (Live)

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