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Release date:
April 18th, 2005
Catalog ID:
REM 043
Remedy Records
None yet
1. Intro 00:06   instrumental
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2. New World Terror 04:09   Show lyrics
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3. Tormentation 04:29   Show lyrics
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4. P.C. (Porn Casting) 03:44   Show lyrics
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5. Laws of the Street 04:46   Show lyrics
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6. In the Name 03:54   Show lyrics
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7. Traitor's Fate 03:57   Show lyrics
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8. Politically Incorrect (And Damn Proud of It) 03:32   Show lyrics
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9. Shop 'Til Ya Drop 02:53   Show lyrics
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10. The Calling 02:44   Show lyrics
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11. Not Dead Yet 03:33   Show lyrics
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12. Woman 02:44   Show lyrics
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13. Tribute to Traci 03:25   Show lyrics
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14. State of War 03:25   Show lyrics
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15. Please Don't Touch 02:49   Show lyrics
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16. Bestial Sex 03:44   Show lyrics
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17. Heavy Metal Hooligans 04:04   Show lyrics
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Also includes a video for the track "P.C. (Porn Casting)", recorded live at Metal Bash 2004.

US version includes 3 additional tracks:
12. "Woman" (Anti-Nowhere League cover)
15. "Please Don't Touch" features Sabina Classen (Holy Moses) on guest vocals and was originally done by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
18. Outbreak of Evil (Sodom cover)
Also includes the bonus video.

Also released on Picture vinyl, limited to 200 copies.

Re-released on double CD on July 17th, 2009 with a bonus CD:
1. Outbreak of Evil (Sodom cover) (03:15)
2. Sie Kam Zu Mir 2004
3. Da Bin Ich Zu Doof Zu
Unreleased Demo 1989:
4. Intro
5. Acid Rain
6. Religious Insanity
7. Das Neue
8. Sie Kam Zu Mir Am Morgen
9. Shop 'Til Ya Drop
10. Ballad of Peter's Dog
11. Slaves of Technology
12. Liebe Freunde Von Torment
Bestial Sex EP (1987):
13. Intro
14. State of War
15. Bestial Sex
16. Deaf Metal
17. Chainsaw Massacre
18. What Shall We Do with the Drunken Torment
Official Bootleg Videos (live at Metal Bash 2003):
19. T.T.T.
20. Traitor's Fate

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