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Sumerian Cry


Release date:
June 7th, 1990
Catalog ID:
CMFT Productions
4 reviews (avg. 69%)
1. Intro - Sumerian Cry (Part I) 00:58   instrumental
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2. In the Shrines of the Kingly Dead 04:09   Show lyrics
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3. The Malicious Paradise 04:29   Show lyrics
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4. Necrophagious Shadows 04:36   Show lyrics
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5. Apotheosis of Morbidity 06:05   Show lyrics
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6. Nocturnal Funeral 04:06   Show lyrics
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7. Altar Flame 04:32   Show lyrics
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8. Evilized 05:00   Show lyrics
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9. Where the Serpents Ever Dwell / Outro - Sumerian Cry (Part II) 06:09   Show lyrics
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Band members
Hellslaughter Guitars, Vocals
Juck Bass
Emetic Guitars
Najse Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Necrolord Cover art
Tomas Skogsberg Producer, Engineering
Hellslaughter Guitars, Vocals
Juck Bass
Emetic Guitars
Najse Drums
Necrolord Cover art
Tomas Skogsberg Producer, Engineering
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Re-released as 2nd press only, together with CMFT Rec by Metalcore Rec. LP and CD (CORE9).

CD bonus track:
10. The Sign of the Pentagram [3:54]

Reissued by Deadline in 1999 and Blackend in 2005 with an alternate cover.
Both versions are barebones layout and contain no lyrics or art.

Left : original cover.
Right: digipack / jewelcase reissue.

The 1999 Deadline reissue besides lacking in art / lyrics has a tracklisting error on the back cover, it lists track 9 as ''Where the Serpents Ever Dwell'', track 10 as ''Outro - Sumerian Cry (Part 2)'' and track 11 as ''The Sign of the Pentagram''.
However the actual CD is correct with the 10 tracks, and in their correct order.

Re-released 2009 on Candlelight / Plastic Head w/ bonus track "The Sign of the Pentagram", and original cover art by Kristian Wahlin, but incorrect lyrics in booklet.

Re-released in 2011 by Century Media. It divided track 9 into tracks 9 and 10.

Re-released in 2013 by Back on Black as 180 gram limited edition coloured vinyl.

Recording information:

Recorded in October 14-29, 1989.
This was the first full-length album ever recorded at the famous Sunlight Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.

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