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Thy Majestie > ShiHuangDi
Thy Majestie - ShiHuangDi
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Thy Majestie

Release date:
September 25th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Scarlet Records
1 review (avg. 80%)
1. Zhongguo 02:14   instrumental
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2. Seven Reigns 04:36   Show lyrics
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3. Harbinger of a New Dawn 04:08   Show lyrics
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4. Siblings of Tian 05:01   Show lyrics
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5. Walls of the Emperor 05:29   Show lyrics
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6. Under the Same Sky 05:56   Show lyrics
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7. Farewell 06:26   Show lyrics
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8. Huanghun 01:52   instrumental
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9. Ephemeral 06:24   Show lyrics
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10. End of the Days 04:44   Show lyrics
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11. Requiem 03:09   Show lyrics
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Band members
Claudio Diprima Drums
Alessio Taormina Vocals
Giuseppe Carrubba Keyboards
Simone Campione Guitars
Dario D'Alessandro Bass
Emanuela Sala Choirs
Katy Decker Choirs
Fabio Lione Vocals (track 10)
Miscellaneous staff
Massimiliano Pagliuso Mixing
Simone Campione Recording
Mika Jussila Mastering
Giuseppe Orlando Mixing
Marina Cerami Artwork
Emanuela Sala Choirs
Katy Decker Choirs
Fabio Lione Vocals (track 10)
Read ShiHuangDi 80% todesengel89 February 7th, 2013

ShiHuangDi refers to Zhao Zheng, the first emperor of Qin Dynasty of China, who defeated other states during the Warring States Period, and united ancient China. The small seal script of the Chinese charaters 始皇帝 (Shǐ Huángdì) is seen on the cover.

Track 1 Zhongguo (中国) means China.
Track 2 Seven Reigns refers to the seven States, Qin, Han, Qi, Zhao, Wei, Chu, Yan of ancient China during the warring states period
Track 5 refers to the Great Wall of China.
Track 8 Huanghun, possibly 黄昏 (Huáng hūn, the Dusk) or 黄魂 (Huáng hún, the Yellow Spirit).

Japanese edition contains 1 bonus track:

12. What I've Done

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