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Throneum > Mutiny of Death
Throneum - Mutiny of Death
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Mutiny of Death


Release date:
August 2003
Catalog ID:
MOON 038
Pagan Records
3 reviews (avg. 82%)
1. The Great Executor 01:52   Show lyrics
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2. Freedom With Fires of Hell 02:10   Show lyrics
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3. Pure Total Death 02:39   Show lyrics
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4. Goat Archangels of Lust 04:15   Show lyrics
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5. From Belial 02:41   Show lyrics
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6. Worship from Chaos 02:17   Show lyrics
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7. Hell-Leprous-Slaughter-Reign 01:48   Show lyrics
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8. New Nightmare Plague Has Born 02:03   Show lyrics
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9. Gravedancer 01:35   instrumental
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10. Black Souls' Crucifixion 02:37   Show lyrics
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11. Streams of Ancient Wisdom (Asphyx cover) 03:10   Show lyrics
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12. Funeral (Cianide cover) 03:55   Show lyrics
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Band members
The Great Executor Guitars, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Rafał Kruszyk Cover art
Adam Pyrek Engineering
Makoto Fujishima Mastering
The Great Executor Guitars, Vocals
Rafał Kruszyk Cover art
Adam Pyrek Engineering
Makoto Fujishima Mastering
Read Ancient Nightmarish Death... 90% dismember_marcin October 17th, 2013
Read well i mean yeah this is... 82% Noktorn January 15th, 2010
Read That's Pure Total Death -... 75% Cheeses_Priced August 31st, 2004

LP version released in 2005 by Pagan Records, limited to 300 copies.
PicLP released by Apocalyptor Records, limited to 300 copies with outer sleeve and back patch.
Re-released by Pagan Records in 2012 on 8-pannel digipack with extended artwork, lyrics and video.

Recorded ar Art Studio Oho, Tarnowskie Gory in August/September 2003. Produced by Throneum.
Mastered at Celephais Studio in October 2003.
All music and lyrics by Throneum except "Streams of Ancient Wisdom" by Asphyx and "Funeral" by Cianide.

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