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Into the Woods of Belial

Thou Shalt Suffer

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Nocturnal Art Productions
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1. Into the Woods of Belial 05:32  
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2. I Seek the Path of Obscurity 03:45  
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3. Chimera Dimension 03:22  
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4. The Goat of a Thousand Young 03:05  
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5. Succumb to Vestigia Terrent 03:51  
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6. Painful Void of Time 05:13  
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7. Spectral Prophecy 05:34  
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8. Into the Woods of Belial 04:15  
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9. The Goat of a Thousand Young 03:18  
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10. Chimera Dimension 03:35  
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11. I Seek the Path of Obscurity (burp-mix) 00:27  
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12. ...Obscurity Supreme 08:46  
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Miscellaneous staff
Vargnatt Inc. Mastering
Vargnatt Inc. Mastering
Read unexpectedly great death metal 88% stonetotem May 29th, 2009

Tracks 1-5: Into the Woods of Belial- Demo tape.
Tracks 6-7: Open the Mysteries of Your Creation- 7ep.
Tracks 8-12: 1991 rehearsal

Reissued in 2004 with altered cover art.

Vinyl released by The Crypt in August 2012 in 3 colors, each limited to 222 units makes a total of 666 copies and re-mastered by D. L.
The 2-LP contains the same tracks as the CD and as bonus alternate versions of:

Succumb to Vestigia Terrent
Painful Void of Time


Matrix Code: EURO CD NORGE A/7 ECLIPSE 007

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