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Second Coming

The Reign of Terror

Release date:
August 27th, 1997
Catalog ID:
Leviathan Records
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1. Sonata Hypnotica 01:23  
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2. Devil's Playground 06:14  
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3. You Turn My World Around 07:37  
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4. Hold on to Your Dreams 06:43  
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5. Speed Kills 05:23  
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6. Enchanted Sleep 01:54  
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7. All Things Must End 06:14  
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8. Take Your Life 07:42  
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9. Change 05:23  
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10. Hell and Back 09:08  
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Japanese edition released by Alfa Music (ALCB-3191) contains 1 bonus track:
11. Tapping Toccata (02:48)

Recording information:

Recorded at Room Nine From Outer Space, Boston MA.
Digital Editing, Mastering and Sequencing at Davenhill Studios.

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