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Ancientblood / The One / Accursed / Ankrismah > Split of Darkness
Ancientblood / The One / Accursed / Ankrismah - Split of Darkness
Ancientblood discography (all)
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The One discography (misc)
Black Metal Terror over London
The One discography (all)
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Black Metal Terror over London
Accursed discography (all)
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Ankrismah discography (misc)
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Ankrismah discography (all)
< Raw Rehears'hell
Dive in the Abyss

Split of Darkness

Ancientblood / The One / Accursed / Ankrismah

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Intolerant Records
500 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Ankrismah - La Crue d'Acheron  
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2. Ankrismah - Ankrismah  
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3. Ankrismah - Rituel  
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4. Ankrismah - Dive in the Abyss  
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5. Ancientblood - For Satan Himself  
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6. Ancientblood - Drenched by the Unholy Blood  
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Side B
7. Accursed - Forever Following the Forgotten Paths of Darkness and Evil  
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8. Accursed - Black Rain  
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9. Accursed - Visions of Apocalypse  
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10. The One - Battlefield  
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11. The One - Alcoholic Armageddon  
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Mantus All instruments, Vocals
The One
Alexandros Vocals, Guitars, Bass
DBH Drums
C.C.O.T.N. Guitars
Tristis Omega Occulta All instruments, Vocals
Noth Enam Drums, Bass
Abyssdiver Guitars, Vocals
Satyriasis Vocals
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