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It All Fades

The Gardnerz

Release date:
November 7th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Abyss Records
4 reviews (avg. 84%)
1. Don't Look Back 07:24   Show lyrics
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2. A Horrible Disease 07:50   Show lyrics
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3. Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone cover) 06:54   Show lyrics
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4. It All Fades 04:48   Show lyrics
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5. Melatonin 03:48   Show lyrics
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6. Erasing Bad Specimen 05:13   Show lyrics
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Band members
Wilhelm Lindh Guitars
Francisco Martín Bass
Niclas Ankarbranth Vocals
Vedran Benčić Drums
Paulina Strihavka Vocals (lead) (track 3), Vocals (backing) (track 4)
Miscellaneous staff
Daniel "Devilish" Johnsson Cover art
Paulina Strihavka Vocals (lead) (track 3), Vocals (backing) (track 4)
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Read Unique Death/Doom 85% KC December 12th, 2013
Read It All Fades 80% todesengel89 October 25th, 2012
Read Splendor and decay, arm in arm 77% autothrall September 20th, 2012

Recording information:

Produced by: the Gardnerz, Mixed & Mastered by: Cristian Rodrguez Lunecke @ 15Hz Studio, Santaigo, Chile, Executive Producers: Wilhelm Lindh & Francisco Martin, Recorded at Funky Cat Studios, Landskrona Sweden (Guitars and Bass), Ninja Studio, Malmö, Sweden (Vocals) and Armageddon Studio, Osijek, Croatia (Drums).

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