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Sexual Favours

The Exploited

Release date:
August 1987
Catalog ID:
JE 163
Jettisoundz Video
None yet
1. Sexual Favours  
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2. War Now  
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3. Let’s Start a War   Show lyrics
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4. Dogs of War   Show lyrics
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5. Jesus Is Dead   Show lyrics
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6. Alternative   Show lyrics
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7. Rival Leaders   Show lyrics
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8. Drug Squad Man   Show lyrics
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9. Dead Cities   Show lyrics
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10. Army Life   Show lyrics
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11. Interview  
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Wattie Buchan Vocals
Wullie Buchan Drums
Nig (R.I.P. 2008) Guitars
Tony (R.I.P. 2007) Bass
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Recording information:

Recorded live on May 27th, 1987 at Nottingham's Mardi Gras.


Barcode: 5020301001631

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