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Unholy Roller

The Electric Hellfire Club

Release date:
April 14th, 1998
Catalog ID:
CLP 0235-2
Version desc.:
Cleopatra Records
None yet
1. Unholy Roller 03:47  
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2. He Who Holds the Lightning Rod (Ranchero Remix) 04:26  
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3. Prince of Darkness (Black Version) 04:22  
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4. Hellfire (Cykophuk Remix) 05:39  
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5. Prince of Darkness (Mutated Mix) 04:16  
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6. The Root of All Evil (Bring Me the Head of Bob Larsen) 05:00  
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7. Prince of Darkness (Laughing All the Way Remix) 02:52  
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8. Shout at the Devil (Mötley Crüe cover) 03:02  
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9. Prince of Darkness (Darkest Version) 05:27  
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10. Book of Lies (Ether-eal Mix) 05:49  
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Full title: "Unholy Roller, and an Eclectic Collection of Remakes, Remixes and Reruns"

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