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Possessed 13

The Crown

Release date:
October 20th, 2003
Catalog ID:
Metal Blade Records
7 reviews (avg. 81%)
1. No Tomorrow 03:51   Show lyrics
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2. Face of Destruction - Deep Hit of Death 02:59   Show lyrics
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3. Deliverance 04:39   Show lyrics
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4. Cold Is the Grave 04:07   Show lyrics
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5. Dream Bloody Hell 03:33   instrumental
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6. Morningstar Rising 03:36   Show lyrics
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7. Are You Morbid? 03:33   Show lyrics
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8. Bow to None 04:17   Show lyrics
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9. Kill 'em All 04:45   Show lyrics
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10. Natashead Overdrive 03:42   Show lyrics
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11. Zombiefied! 02:35   Show lyrics
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12. Dawn of Emptiness 06:03   Show lyrics
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13. In Memoriam 02:51   instrumental
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Band members
Johan Lindstrand Vocals
Magnus Olsfelt Bass
Janne Saarenpää Drums
Marko Tervonen Guitars
Marcus Sunesson Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Dragan Tanasković Mastering
Patric J. Sten Engineering, mixing
Hans Brand Illustrations except cover
Snowy Shaw Photography
Dragan Tanasković Mastering
Patric J. Sten Engineering, mixing
Hans Brand Illustrations except cover
Snowy Shaw Photography
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Read BAM! 80% Madman June 30th, 2004
Read An improvement 89% Xeper December 22nd, 2003
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Read A Step Down From Excellence 78% Rasputen November 22nd, 2003

Recorded and mixed at Studio Fredman, produced by The Crown.
Enginered and mixed by Patric J. Sten. Mastered at Studio Bohus by Dragan Tanaskovic & The Crown.
Cover and layout by Locust Constructions.

The album was released as a limited deluxe edition LP and CD and features the black artwork:

Bonus CD (deluxe edtion only):
01. Last Rite [The Crown's first "pro" recording - 1992] (3:03)

"Forever Heaven Gone" demo - 1993:
02. Seventh Gate (1:43)
03. Deadspawn (2:21)
04. Diachronic Damnation (3:21)
05. The Lord Of The Rings (4:06)
06. Beyond Where Darkness Dwells (4:07)
07. Forever Heaven Gone (3:20)

"Forget the Light" demo - 1994:
08. Soulicide Demon-Might (2:48)
09. Godless (4:01)
10. Neverending Dream (4:14)
11. Candles (6:39)

12. Burnin' Leather [Bathory cover] (3:47)
13. Rebel Angel [demo] (3:25)

The logo is a parody of the "Earache" record label.

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