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Terror > Distributing Pain
Terror - Distributing Pain
Terror discography (demos)
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Live Demo #2
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Live Demo #2

Distributing Pain


Release date:
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Side A
1. Legion of Gore 05:24  
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2. Dark Souls 06:12  
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3. Decomposed 02:46  
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Side B
4. Carving Techniques 04:45  
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5. Stuck In The Sewer 03:48  
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6. Live to Tell 03:38  
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John "JJ Righteous" Sekula (R.I.P. 2010) Guitars
Brian Sekula Vocals, Guitars
Craig Martini Bass
Vic Novak Drums
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NEVER released with a front cover or any art. The red and black cover picture taken from ebay is the "Demo Split" tape listed below.

Recording information:

Recorded on a 24-track Recording Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. After its completion, the studio burned to the ground, and all the reels were destroyed. Only an tape with 8-track studio outtake version was outside of the studio at the time and survived, to be copied as-is by the band (sometimes on boom boxes and at home in other means) and still sold until November when "Terror Entombed In Terror" was finished and released the same way.

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