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Catafalque + Mesmerized


Release date:
January 1998
Catalog ID:
DSFA Records
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1. You'd Better Fear Light   Show lyrics
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2. An Alien Harvest   Show lyrics
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3. Nefilim / Annunanki   Show lyrics
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4. Catafalque   Show lyrics
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5. Hello / Alien Life Form   Show lyrics
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6. Mesmerised  
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7. Dream  
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8. Downfall  
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9. Mystery / Abyss  
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10. Ancient Sadness  
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Cat. nr : DSPO 007
Tracks 1-5 are "Cataflque" EP.
Tracks 6-10 are from "Mesmerized" demo.

Catafalque :
Line-up :
Przemysław "Szymon" Szymaniak - Vocals, Guitar
Mariusz Kuszewski - Guitar
Tomasz Folwarski - Bass
Pawel Socha - Drums
Tomasz Burgsteler - Keyboards

Recorded at PJ Studio, Lodz, 01-11.07.1997.
Produced by Tenebris and Robert Hajduk.
Engineered by Robert Hajduk.
Computer and photo chef Piotr Pilkierski.
Computer design by Simon.
Executive producer : Andrzej Mackiewicz.

Mesmerized :
Line-up :
Simon - Vocal, Guitar, Bass (studio session)
Mariusz - Guitar
Paul - Drums, Keyboards (studio session)

Recorded and mixed in Zaza Studio, Gdynia on June 1992.
Produced by Mariusz Saluszewski and Tenebris.
Cover & logo by Simon.
Music by Tenebris.
Lyrics by Simon.

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