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Teitanfyre > Morbid Death's Sceptre
Teitanfyre - Morbid Death's Sceptre
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Morbid Death's Sceptre


Release date:
July 4th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Ridge ov Dragon
None yet
1. With Cathedral Carrion 04:03  
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2. The Devil's Venom 04:38  
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3. Mother Plague 05:13  
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4. Gates of Lilith 04:18  
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5. The Horns Sathanas 04:37  
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6. Morbid Death's Sceptre 06:40  
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7. Wreath of Worms 06:09  
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Band members
Moloch Guitars
Leviathan Vocals, Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Njard Artwork
Moloch Guitars
Leviathan Vocals, Bass
Njard Artwork
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CD limited to 1000 copies, first 500 copies come in slipcase and with a sticker.

LP by Blood Harvest, limited to 500 copies, including one hidden bonus track and red logo on the front cover.

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