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Godstained Perfection

Iconic Destruction / Teeth and Thorns

Release date:
October 30th, 2010
Catalog ID:
October's Mist Records
None yet
1. Teeth and Thorns - Wrecked  
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2. Teeth and Thorns - Demonic Spores  
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3. Teeth and Thorns - Beastcraft 97  
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4. Teeth and Thorns - Saturnine Curse  
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5. Iconic Destruction - A Moment of Revelation  
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6. Iconic Destruction - Disgorge Upon Existence  
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7. Iconic Destruction - Resigned to In-existence  
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8. Iconic Destruction - Embrace Extinction?  
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Iconic Destruction
Zac 'Iconoclast' Broughton All instruments, Vocals
Teeth and Thorns
Teloch Bass
Atum Drums
Trismegisto Guitars
NoN Vocals
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