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Monumental in Its Sorrow


Release date:
February 2nd, 1999
Catalog ID:
2 reviews (avg. 80%)
1. The End of This Incarnation 07:06   Show lyrics
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2. The Clouds That Grieve 03:06   Show lyrics
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3. Thunderstorms Ease Me 06:00   Show lyrics
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4. Bat Horde 05:01   Show lyrics
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5. Suicide Pact 05:18   Show lyrics
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6. Dead to the World 05:06   Show lyrics
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7. The Death of All That Is Beautiful 06:09   Show lyrics
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8. Tearstained Nightsky 09:04   Show lyrics
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9. Equimanthorn (Bathory cover) / For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica cover) 08:14  
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Mikael Bayusik All instruments
Read Night Conquers Day Revisited. 70% Perplexed_Sjel August 31st, 2009
Read Monumental, Indeed. 90% VileRancour November 21st, 2003

Track 9 is a hidden track and not on the tracklist.

Re-released by Barbarian Wrath in September 2005 with new cover art and bonus tracks:
9. Dissociation [5:46]
10. S.A.D. [6:05]
11. Equimanthorn (Bathory cover) [3:40]
12. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica cover) [4:35]

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