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Takamiy - Ougon Ryuou
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Ougon Ryuou


Release date:
July 3rd, 2011
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Ougon Ryuou  
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2. Ougon Ryuou ~Original Instrumental~  
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Ougon Ryuou" is the fifth single released by Takamiy. It was released in three versions with different covers and B-sides. Track #2 on type A, "You in Eden", is an English version of the song "Eden no Kimi" from Fantasia, which was first performed during the tour Takamiy Legend of Fantasia 2010 Fantasia.

Type A Tracklist

01 . Ougon Ryuou (黄金龍王; Gold Dragon King)
02. You in Eden
03 . Ougon Ryuou ~Original Instrumental~

Type B Tracklist

01 . Ougon Ryuou (黄金龍王)
02 . Felix the Rock
03 . Ougon Ryuou ~Original Instrumental~

Type C Tracklist

01 . Ougon Ryuou (黄金龍王)
02 . Thanks for Your Love ~Part II
03 . Ougon Ryuou ~Original Instrumental~

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